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The 2021-2022 Season:

Passage Theatre Company is committed to including everyone in our diverse theatrical community. Through specialized performances and a commitment to accessibility we hope to continue opening doors, one play at a time. For more information about our efforts and policies click here.

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Illustration by Ebony H. Flag


A Compilation of the Mainstage Production

Group! begins when 5 women; Sandra, Ceci, Dotty, Victoria and Everly, are court mandated to attend intensive out-patient therapy (IOP) for substance abuse. Jessica, their therapist, is new to the profession and leading an IOP group on her own for the first time. On their first day together, a wide-eyed and optimistic Jessica explains to the women that they will meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 4 weeks. The
musical follows Jessica and her 5 clients through their 12 group sessions.

As the women navigate their individual paths to recovery, bonds are formed and rifts are created within the group. Sandra and Ceci explore a forbidden romantic relationship, Everly and Victoria dream of a brighter future, and Dotty rejects the notion of being an
addict. Jessica struggles to maintain control and begins to question her effectiveness as a therapist. When the musical ends, on their 12th session of IOP,  the women face an inescapable truth about recovery which fundamentally challenges the idea of a 12 day

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