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PlayLab Mission

Passage’s PlayLab creates and develops new work in order to advance and diversify the art-form and our collective culture, affording emerging and established playwrights a platform for sharing diverse perspectives on complex and important issues. Passage’s PlayLab has two main components: 


Through our work, Passage patrons have had the opportunity to see the world premiere productions of 23 plays and counting! For a full list of the world premiere plays and workshops we have produced, Click Here

PlayLab Previews

Our online PlayLab Preview videos take viewers through the process of how each show is created. View The Okay Trenton Project's video here.

Help Us Produce New Work

Each professional artist involved in PlayLab is paid for their time in helping to create new and innovative work. Creating and producing this work takes an enormous amount of time and resources. Often, these plays take years to develop before they sell even one ticket.


To help us give our artists the support they need, please donate here.