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The OK Trenton Project

Live Theater in Your Classroom - Educational Package

Dear friends of Passage Theatre,


The past few years have been extremely challenging for all of us. In the theater community, we’ve run into an especially unique issue trying to convey live, in-person performance to our audiences in the midst of this global pandemic. During this time, the ones who are most affected are our children, as they are missing out on formative years of exposure to the arts. As an educational partner, we know you are committed to providing artistic experiences for your students, but we understand that logistics still might be challenging. As a way to supplement critical arts exposure and community connection, Passage Theatre will be offering an educational package for the first show of our season, The OK Trenton Project. Read on to see what this package will include and how you can include your students in the magic of live theater in your classroom.



Passage Staff

The OK Trenton Project Educational Package includes:

  • Access to a professionally filmed recording of The OK Trenton Project, performed live at the Mill Hill Playhouse on February 17, 2022*

  • Passage Postscripts for the show, which include interviews from the creative team and supplementary educational materials

  • A PDF copy of the script to be used in supplemental classroom activities 

  • A personalized meeting with a member of the Passage staff, who will join the class** to discuss the process of creating the play and how students can incorporate performance into their learning


If you are interested in learning more or receiving a quote for the package, please complete the form below and include your institution, the size of your group, and a date range during which you would be interested in participating.

* Due to Actor’s Equity requirements, the play can only be streamed once. During the pandemic, virtual performances are treated like in-person performances, and actors must be compensated for their work despite the virtual nature of the screening. There will be a predetermined week in March during which the performance can be viewed.

** The staff member joining will be determined by the theatre and can meet via Zoom or in person, depending on current Covid-19 conditions in the area and district guest policies. Arrangements will be discussed with the group leader on a case-by-case basis.

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