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Trenton Lights

The Community Lights Project takes the true stories of Trenton residents and puts them on stage! 

Passage is committed to creating mainstage theatre productions that reflect the true stories of our community. 

Trenton is a community divided (and united) by racial identity and politics.  Passage's current project explores this often unspoken "elephant in the room", based on the real life stories and words of a diverse cross-section of Trenton residents.

The project is currently in development, as Passage artistic staff is gathering primary material via interviews.  This input wil be shaped into a script, which will be receive dramatic readings this season

2010 saw the production of Trenton Lights, a musical play that reached beyond the headlines, history books and news reports.  Trenton Lights captured the stories of Trenton Residents through extensive interviews with diverse members of the community:  white, black, Hispanic; young and old; rich and poor.  Their words were transposed onto the stage in story-theatre format, often verbatim.