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We no longer maintain this archive, but include it for historic interest.

Here you will find a selection of press coverage in date order.  To search the title field (including publication name), just enter a word or exact phrase in the "filter" field and press the ENTER key.  Clear the "filter" field and press ENTER again to restore the full list.


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Title Created Date
THEATER: Trenton Company Formula Proves Hit (New York Times) 25 March 1987
THEATER: 2 Troupes Team Up for New Play [The King of Dominoes] (New York Times) 18 March 1989
THEATER: Tantalizing Idea in a Triple Bill [American Shorts '89] (New York Times) 17 June 1989
THEATER: Pop Operetta Set in a Diner on Christmas [Occupation: Troubadour] (New York Times) 16 December 1989
THEATER: Emotional Wallops in 'Sunshine' (New York Times) 11 May 1991
THEATER: 'This City of Dreams,' a Family Drama (New York Times) 17 October 1992
THEATER: 2-Character Play by a New Jersey Writer (New York Times) 27 August 1994
THEATER: The Passage Theater Is Reborn (New York Times) 11 February 1995
THEATER REVIEW: Fugitive Slaves and the Bitter Price... [Three More Gone] (New York Times) 13 May 1995
THEATER REVIEW:Seeking Racial Harmony in the Musical Kind [Avenue X] (New York Times) 11 November 1995
THEATER REVIEW: Hooray for Hollywood? More Like 'Horrors!' [Signature] (New York Times) 11 May 1996
THEATER: A Stage Re-emerges With One Clear Voice (New York Times) 16 January 1999
THEATER: Play Starts and Ends With the Characters [Blinding Light] (New York Times) 27 May 2000
THEATER REVIEW: Vignettes Ask if Talk Is Really Necessary [Blinding Light] (New York Times) 17 June 2000
THEATER REVIEW: Laughter on the Outside, But Sadness From Within [Solo Flights] (New York Times) 15 February 2003
THEATER: A Sense of Optimism In the State's Theaters (New York Times) 06 September 2003
Helping Afghan Children Fuels His Dramatic Desires [The Afghan Women] (New York Times) 04 October 2003
Solos and One Threesome [Solo Flights] (New York Times) 31 January 2004
THEATER REVIEW: Miss Saigon Never Sounded... [Willie B. Came into the Sun] (New York Times) 30 October 2004
THEATER REVIEW: The Good Old Days, When Times Were Bad [Rosemary and I) (New York Times) 12 February 2005
Taking Gang Violence To the Stage [Anti-Violence Arts Initiative] (New York Times) 03 December 2005
THEATER REVIEW: Dreams, Now [Love to All, Lorraine] (New York Times) 18 March 2006
THEATER: Softening Attitudes That Are Chiseled in Stone [Stone Carver] (New York Times) 10 June 2006
Photo Flash: A Stone Carver Opens Off-Broadway ( 27 July 2006
THEATRE REVIEW: In ?A Stone Carver,? a Father Fights Omnivorous Progress (New York Times) 01 August 2006
From Onstage to Offstage [Second Line] (New York Times) 30 September 2006
THEATER REVIEW: A Tale of Personal Demons... [The Deacons] (New York Times) 06 May 2007
Some of play's flaws can't be forgiven [The Deacons] (Star-Ledger) 13 May 2007
A new partnership takes root quickly (Star-Ledger) 25 July 2007
THEATER REVIEW: A Blues Icon Comes to Life... [The Devil's Music] (New York Times) 17 November 2007
THEATER REVIEW: Trenton Tea Party [Cecelia's Last Tea Party] (New York Times) 17 May 2008
'Summer House' needs fixing (Star-Ledger) 03 November 2008
THEATRE REVIEW: Only a Glimpse of the Worthwhile Drama... [The Summer House] (New York Times) 06 November 2008
Instructions for Breathing: The poetry of this invigorating work... (Princeton Packet) 21 April 2009
Parents' darkest nightmare is a compelling new play [Instructions for Breathing] (Star-Ledger) 21 April 2009
THEATRE REVIEW: Grieving, but Keeping the Maudlin... [Instructions for Breathing] (New York Times) 22 April 2009
Play examines a world with no time to breathe [Instructions for Breathing] (Trenton Times) 23 April 2009
THEATER REVIEW: Instructions for Breathing (U.S. 1) 29 April 2009
Arts Groups Take Big hit in State Funding (Trenton Times) 28 July 2009
Fall Arts Preview: Theater (U.S. 1) 16 September 2009
All eyes will be on Bailey in Waters Tribute (Trenton Times) 19 September 2009
Review: Ethel Waters: His Eye is on the Sparrow (U.S. 1) 21 September 2009
Stage Review: Ethel Waters-His Eye is on the Sparrow (Princeton Packet) 22 September 2009
Blood - Princeton Packet 29 October 2009
Faith Meets Funny in "Blood a Comedy" (Star Ledger) 11 November 2009
Dysfunctional Delights [Blood: A Comedy - The New York Times] 15 November 2009